Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How is the world going out there? Seem like everyone is caught up in their own struggles; are you? When will this madness ever end? Will we ever return to “normal”? I highly doubt that we will ever go back to “the way it used to be”. Do you remember what it was like before 9/11? Have we abolished the Department of Homeland Security? The agency was only created after 9/11 to thwart another terrorist attack, but for some reason it’s here to stay along with the loss of freedoms and ever apparent surveillance state.

We will never go back to “normal”, so we must find a way to stand up against the system and create our own framework to live outside of it. We must create our own economies and barter networks to keep our neighborhoods thriving in spite of the breakdowns of the traditional supply chains. We must grow our own food and procure our own vital resources close to where we live. We must make the federal government obsolete, so it can’t be used to control us through ever expanding “vaccine” requirements and other totalitarian control measures.

Humans will cling to life against all odds and fight for the last breath under unbelievable circumstances, but once a human has given up; death comes soon. We must not give up or give in to the current state of the world. We must proudly stand up to the controllers and say NO.

Are you ready to say NO, or are you happy to go along to get along? Just one more booster they say. Just one more jab for your child they say? Just one more tiny loss of freedom today for security tomorrow they say.

I say “they” are proven liars and must be ignored. They must be silenced and mocked. They must be laughed at. They should be tarred and feathered. They should have their heads shaved and paraded through the streets and put on display for the crimes they’ve committed. All collaborators must be punished and held to accountability. The darkness can only prevail in the absent of light.

WE must reclaim our light and shine on the darkness that has claimed humanity over the last 20 years. It’s up to YOU.


EDC (Every Day Carry)-27/DEC/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going today? Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Hopefully you still met with your family and didn’t fall victim to the propaganda. Anyway, I thought I would go over my EVERY DAY CARRY items, since that is something people care about these days? Seems weird, but whatever.

First Item- My keys. I carry my keys with an 8″ 550 cord loop stuffed into my right pocket. On my keychain are my truck keys, a key to most Square D electrical panels, and a bottle opener. I carry the key to electrical panels because I’m an electrician and it’s annoying when the panel cover is locked, but most are a universal key. I carry the bottle opener because you always want to be an asset if you can. Everyone loves the guy with the bottle opener when it’s time to drink beer.

Second Item- Flashlight. I carry a Solitaire LED key chain flashlight by Maglite. It’s a super small light with a 2″ lanyard. I carry this because it’s only around $10 and I’ve had about 3 so far. Don’t want to carry a $100 light that I’ll lose somewhere. I carry the flashlight to see in dark places. Also works to temporarily blind an opponent and use that time to make a move or break contact and get the hell out of there.

Third Item- Purple Bic Lighter. My favorite color is purple, so I always carry a purple bic. I always take off the stupid sticker and remove the child safety thing. I’ve done this for years and stems from my time as a smoker. I hate the child safety thing. Lighters can double as bottle openers. It can also be used as a fist pack to increase the effectiveness of your blows and helps to prevent broken fingers. Also great for burning the ends of cord and rope.

Fourth Item- Sharpie and ballpoint pen. I always carry a sharpie for marking things and a pen for writing things down. Remember to always be an asset in a situation.

Fifth Item- Cloth to clean my glasses. This cloth also works for phone camera lenses and optics.

Sixth Item- Pocket knife. I carry the CRKT IGNITOR. This knife is fairly inexpensive and sharp enough. I don’t have any training with knife fighting, so this knife is purely for cutting shit open. I could use it defensively, but I would opt to diffuse the situation or break contact instead. I carry the ignitor in my right pocket with the standard clip. This shows others that I have a knife, but it would be more out of the ordinary if I didn’t do that. In the region I live, all men have a pocket knife. I also carry an old fashioned pocket knife by Uncle Henry. This is a traditional pocket knife that I have as a backup.

Seventh Item- Glock 17. I carry a Glock 17 because it fits just fine in my Raven Concealment Eidolon inside the waistband holster. The reason for a full size is because I only would ever draw a pistol in an absolute emergency situation. With 17 rounds plus one in the chamber, I can take care of any type of emergency situation. Examples of emergency situations; active shooter, armed violent mob that has already fired at me and others, total collapse of society, violent gun or knife engagement towards my family members.

That just about does it for my EDC items. I also carry a fanny pack by Spiritus Systems, but I’m not going into what I put in there today. Much more shit.

Ok well, take it easy out there in the harsh cold winter and stay alert and ready to be an asset in any situation.


Streaming Services-18/Dec/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going out there in the frigid world? Maybe it isn’t frigid for you, must be nice. I had a comical thought, so thought I would share it with you 12 souls.

I spent roughly 1 hour flipping through all the possibilities on multiple steaming services last night. When I finally decided on a show to watch, it happened to be a VHS that I own. We probably pay about $40 a month for different streaming services, and all I end up watching on there are usually old sitcoms or movies that I most likely already own on VHS or DVD.

Here is my new proposal for a streaming service. It’s called Salvation Streams, and it works very simply and cheaply. All you have to do is go to Salvation Army and find a quality VHS from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, buy it for roughly $1 or less, then bring it home and watch it at your leisure.

This streaming service is free from woke politics. This streaming service has no categories of Black voices, Hispanic heritage month classics, persons with disabilities picks, afro-latino hits, pacific islander voices, asian heritage smash hits, LGBTQ+ voices. The only categories are; Comedy, drama, horror, action, thriller, sci-fi, cartoon, family, western, etc.

I guarantee you will be able to find a few great pics, and you won’t even have to donate to any rip off charities while you’re watching. Just pop in the VHS, sit back and relax. Here is another perk to this new service; Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc., won’t be able to spy on you while you watch. No “smart speaker” will be listening to your every move while you watch. You won’t be bombarded by emails and ads on your phone from watching.

Remember the good old days, where we could watch movies or television without being assaulted by bullshit? I do. Let’s go back to those days and remember a simpler time.


Live Music?-07/Dec/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Today is the same as the last and probably the same as the next. Life goes on despite the madness. Life will always go on despite how much “they” try to stamp it out. One thing that is continuing on is live music. Live music is back in most places, even here in the midwest where government compliance is near 100%, people are happy to go out and see a concert as long as their governor tells them it’s ok.

Here is the issue. All concerts at most venues are requiring either “full vaccination” or a negative covid test within 72 hours. What kind of business plan is this? These venues are creating a segregation between “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”. How is this a good business decision? Coming up this week, GWAR is playing at First Avenue in Minneapolis but they require “vaccine” or negative test to attend. No thanks. I would gladly have gone to this concert and spent probably around $100 or more on drinks and merch, but First Avenue would rather have me keep my money and stay home because I’m a second class citizen in their eyes.

Private business can segregate their customers as much as they want, but it doesn’t seem like a good moneymaking business decision. I choose not to support any business that requires someone to choose between what goes into their body and attending their establishment. Why don’t the venues demand people be vaccinated against Hepatitis C or Tuberculosis? Why don’t you have to have negative HIV test? Oh wait, because it’s none of the venues business what goes in individual’s bodies. Music venues aren’t doctor’s offices, but for some reason you need to share your medical history with them in order to watch a band play because the government said they had to.

I say again; what will it take for the masses to say no to this madness? But Derek, it’s only a covid test. Just take a covid test, then you’ll be allowed to have fun at a concert. Come on Derek, just submit to the authority of the leaders and you will be allowed to have a very finite amount of freedom. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.






Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Today is the dawning of another week. The weather is getting colder and the snow is flying. Winter is upon us and the future is uncertain at best. How are you holding up? Do you have hope for the future? Are you excited about the state of your neighborhood? Are you excited for work today? How will you cope with the madness being directed at you from so many sources? Will you persevere? I hope you will, and I hope that your family will make it.

The news is out of control. The media has lost its credibility. The “leaders” of the United States are incompetent at best and willfully ignorant or possibly criminally negligent. The “scientists” create a false narrative to support government propaganda. The “teachers” have converted to cultural marxism and care more about pursuing a communist agenda than actually helping children become individual responsible adults. The “clergy” have rolled over and accepted the status quo of the government by acquiescing to mask mandates and “social distancing” protocols. The “community leaders” have converted to cultural marxism and care more about pushing “black and brown communities” into some type of pyramid scheme than they do about helping their communities thrive.

What can we do about all this madness? What can you as an individual do to curb this daily onslaught of cognitive dissonance?

You can say no. Refuse to crawl around on your knees. Refuse to get weekly tested for a flu like virus. Refuse to be experimentally “vaccinated” against your personal beliefs. Just say no.

JUST SAY NO. No to the “leaders”. No to the “scientists”. No to the “teachers”. No to the “clergy”. No to the “community leaders”. JUST SAY NO.

We don’t want to end up like Australia with concentration camps.

Check out these links:


What will it take?-19/Nov/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going today? Are you happy, healthy, and ready for Thanksgiving? My question is this; what will it take for you to say you’ve had enough? Will it be when your job tells you to get vaccinated or be fired? Will it be when the grocery story refuses you service because you don’t have enough boosters, even though you have 2 doses of their vaccine? Will you finally say no when you can’t fly anymore because they’ve outlawed you? Will you wait until you’re being loaded into a boxcar to the FEMA camp because you didn’t get enough boosters? Will you wait until you’re staring up at the shower head awaiting to accept Zyklon-B into your life? Will you stop the police from arresting your children for non-compliance?

What will it take for you to say no? What will it take?




Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. The first snow has arrived, and boy is it getting cold out there. Hopefully you’re staying warm.

I have a few thoughts.

I’ve done everything I was supposed to do in order to achieve the “American Dream”. I went to public school, got all my vaccinations, graduated from high school. I joined the work force as a teenager, and filed my taxes every year. I entered into a trade school apprenticeship program and learned a vital craft to contribute to society. I enlisted in the US Army and got more vaccinations that I really can’t remember what they were for to include an Anthrax vaccine. I deployed to the Iraq war and honorably served to “win the hearts and minds”.

When I was done with military service, I rejoined society with a new child and went back to work. I got married, had kids, and bought a house.

I sent my children to do the same thing I have done with the hope that they could possibly follow a similar path to success.

All this has failed. Now society requires me to do even more to prove that I deserve to live in society. I must utterly submit to the government, employers, shop owners, peers, authority figures or whoever else is deemed to rule over me. I must submit to ever changing edicts imposed on me by various different agencies and if I don’t then I can basically go fuck myself.

This is not how it was supposed to be. I did everything I was supposed to do. I’m not doing anything else. The government owes me, not the other way around.

I now am homeschooling the children and preparing to be barred from society once they impose more vaccine requirements for more things. What a rip-off we’ve all bought into.

I’m not buying into it anymore. The emperor has no clothes and my debt to society has been paid in full many times over.

WE own the government. They work for us. WE own the school boards. They work for us. WE own the city council. They work for us. WE are the masters of our own destiny and they can’t force us to live in squalor.




Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. The early bird gets the worm, or so they say. Well I’m up early, so I’ll take the worm now. I prefer Juevos Rancheros though, Christmas style with some orange juice and a cup of coffee; black. Anyway, I received a letter yesterday from the world famous Mayo clinic. Actually, my daughter received a letter yesterday informing me that she can receive a covid 19 vaccine.

Hell no. Fuck no. Never. Over my dead body.

In the letter, Mayo in conjunction with the FDA advises my daughter to get the vaccine that has been approved by emergency use authorization. They even say that they STRONGLY recommend her to get it. Then they used the next two pages to show her how safe the vaccine is and all the myths about vaccines. Why do they need to dedicate an entire page to “Help debunk myths about Covid-19 in vaccinations in children”?

If the vaccines are so safe and effective then why can’t I sue Pfizer if she is harmed by the vaccine( also It says that even if she’s already had Covid-19, she should still get the vaccine.

If the vaccine is effective then why do I or my daughter need to get it to protect society from us who aren’t vaccinated? If the vaccine isn’t effective then why would anyone get it? What is the harm in achieving natural herd immunity? If the vaccines work then the unvaccinated pose no threat whatsoever to the vaccinated. If they don’t work, then why are they trying to mandate them in the first place?(Borrowed from Brandon Smith at Alt-market.com

I will make the stand and say no. You cannot vaccinate my child against my will. You (Government) do not own me or my children. You can try to use fear and coercion to force me to submit, but I never ever ever ever will. I am willing to say no.

Just say no. Remember the old DARE slogan, “Just say no”, well I’m bringing it back. Just say no to the government. The government works for us and the only reason they have money to do anything is because they have to steal it from us through the IRS.




Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet.

They poison our food. They poison our water. They poison our minds. They poison our skies. They poison our soil. They poison our future.

They destroy our will. They tell us we are to blame. They steal our wealth.

They indoctrinate our children. They indoctrinate our college students.

They lie to us incessantly. They tax us to the point of poverty.

We can’t trust the doctors, news media, lawyers, professors, religious leaders, teachers, politicians.

Our friends have turned into our enemies. Our families have written us off as disease infested virus spreaders.

They have turned us into lepers without a means to survive.

But. We will. We will win. They know it. This is why they’ve done these things.

We are much stronger and mentally prepared to handle this onslaught. We will never bend the knee. We will never give in. We are the victors.

Get used to it.


Perhaps Today?-29/Oct/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How is it going today? Are you sleeping peacefully at night? Do you stand ready to defend your beliefs at the barrel of a gun or perhaps robot laser eyes? Have you had enough of the government propaganda? If you listen to our podcast Double Thought Dimension (, you will know that we just discussed a NATO document( that aims to predict the future of the battlefield over the next 20 years. In this document they describe the very real possibility that the human race will merge with machines and that Artificial Intelligence will become a daily part of our lives. Remember that Alexa/smart speaker you’ve been telling your life story to? Well, based on all the information they’ve gathered on everyone over the last 20 years, I think the next 20 years are going to be quite interesting indeed.

But Derek, if I have nothing to hide then why would I care if the government and big tech companies are listening to and recording everything I do? The reason you should have started caring about this about 15 years ago is because now all the data is being used to usher in a new society that is based in virtual reality. The only people who will be allowed to participate in the this new reality will be those who follow the rules. If you don’t follow the rules ; getting an experimental gene therapy, submitting to 24/7 government surveillance, submitting to ever more communistic policies, etc., then you won’t be allowed to participate in society.

The Powers That Be could turn off your ability to earn a living by turning off your ability to participate in society. Why do you think they are making people choose to get vaccinated or be barred from public spaces or air travel? I think the reason COVID is being used to enforce these draconian measures is because this is where “they” want society to go and they needed a reason to get people used to the idea of submitting to the government on a daily basis.

How do you boil frogs in a pot? Do you start off with boiling water or do you gradually increase the heat of the water until at last it’s too late? This is what’s been happening to society over the last 20-50-100 years, a slow turning up of the heat and pretty soon we’ll be boiled.

We are on the precipice of a new age. We can choose to stop the crazy death cult that masquerades as our government or we can choose to just go along to get along and allow the government to completely destroy our lives and future.

Here is my thesis: we must not comply with this new world order. We must stop the crazy death cult. We must put the brakes on technology before it takes control over us. We have the time right now to rise up and say no. Let’s do it.

This is to all the international readers. Here in the United States we still have a vestige of freedom. We haven’t allowed the government to disarm us yet. We still have a love for freedom and personal responsibility. Here in the US we will be the fulcrum of what happens in the rest of the world. If the US can stop the new world order, then this will translate to freedom for the rest of the world. Have faith and offer support any way you can.

Perhaps today we will have to fight for our freedom. Perhaps today we will have to defend our beliefs in the face of death. Perhaps today we will have to say no.

I implore you to say no. I implore you to fight for freedom. I implore you to defend your beliefs in the face of death.