Rolling Along-13/Sept/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going today? Pretty good I hope. Today is a great day. All odds always seem to be in the hands of the controllers, but not for long. We are winning the information war, and we will continue to win. “They” can saturate the media and news with their lies, but everyone is coming around to the facts of their continued line of bullshit.

Don’t give up hope. Continue to fight on mentally and spiritually. WE WILL WIN.



Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. I thought it might be funny to give a presidential address as if “they” would say what they actually mean. Here it is below.

My fellow Americans,

Being your president means I own you and your children. I can decide what is best for you and your future generations because I stole the election, so now I’m in charge. I know you think you have a certain amount of freedom guaranteed by the Constitution, but that is all a facade to keep you in a false sense of security. The only freedom you have is the amount we allow you to have. In reality, we are a totalitarian system that is globally oriented with the goal of keeping the scum of the world contained while we subjugate you for massive amounts of power and wealth. This whole system is nothing new, but now you worthless common men are starting to catch on to our scheme. For generations we’ve been able to get away with our madness and call it a free republic without every having to pay any consequences.

We the controllers of the globe are instituting a new system and we don’t care if you aren’t on board with it. We are going to make it impossible for anyone to live outside of our control grid. We needed a reason to bring about this new system of total control, but we didn’t want to execute another 9/11 type of event so we went with the whole “pandemic” narrative. Obviously everything that has happened in 2020 and beyond was all bullshit and propaganda to scare the hell out of the public, which worked nicely. It worked after 9/11 when we instituted a completely new system without the public fighting back against it. We used the false fear of global terrorism to make that happen, but that is too played out at this point so we had to use something new. So we introduced “Covid 19” as the new boogeyman. I really can’t believe how easily it worked, and how many people really became the cheerleaders for their own loss of freedoms without ever questioning the narrative. Man you people are dumb.

I hope you sad poor citizens are ready for what is coming next. Get ready to face a global shutdown. If you aren’t vaccinated with as many shots as we tell you to get, then you can kiss the outside world goodbye. Get ready to not be able to shop, dine, work, travel, or leave your house without being vaccinated first. You will show your proof of vaccination everywhere you go, and if you don’t you are going to be rounded up and put in camps. You think it can’t happen here? America is the perfect place for this to happen because you think “it can’t happen here”. The common citizen will rat on you to the government and you will cheer as people are taken to camps. This might even become a reality TV show, “The Quarantine Camp: America’s scum”.

The ultimate goal of our system is to eventually make it to where no one can do anything without the government knowing about it. You will have to scan into the system each day and do the approved things in order to be a free human. If you don’t, then your ability to do anything in society will be turned off digitally and you’ll be put in the camp. Get ready for it. Get ready for the mainstream media to make this a reality. Get ready to see your neighbors disappear. Get ready to lose your supposed loved ones. Get ready to be an open slave to the system or pay the ultimate price.

Thank you my fellow Americans. This has been your President speaking and I’m glad you’re all on board with our plan. Now back to you regularly scheduled programming. I think Fauci is on the Jersey Shore this week, so that should be entertaining for you.

HAHAHAHHAHA. Obviously this has been satire. However, this isn’t far from reality. I hope you can see through the lies and propaganda. I hope you won’t turn your neighbors in. I hope you won’t rat out your family members.


Never Give In-03/Aug/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Here I sit. Here I remain. Here waiting. Where are you? Are you waiting? Are you prepared? Are you mentally prepared? Do you have the will to survive? Hopefully we all do. Hopefully we all can remain. We must remain.

The world is turning crazier by the day. The news is out of control. Leaders can’t be trusted. Despair is upon us all. But, no need to despair. We will win. We will succeed. Their sick game will fail.

Don’t fall asleep on the job. Never surrender. Never give in.

We will win in the end. We just have to steadfastly meet the enemy head on and never surrender or give in.

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Duke City-22/Aug/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. I wanted to share a recent experience that my sister had in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Governor of New Mexico instituted an extension to the mask mandate for indoor gatherings until September 15th, 2021, you can find it below or here

Following this order a couple hundred people decided to have a protest at the capitol. The people that were there protesting were from all walks of life, races, and creeds. Here are a few news reactions to the protest

I think it’s time to draw a line in the sand. On my side of the line is the Constitution and the idea that we own our bodies and can decide what goes into them. On the other side are those who believe that the state own’s our bodies and can mandate our daily activities.

Pick a side and start training. It is inevitable that we will have to resort to a conflict. You can only oppress people for a certain amount of time before they snap and the snapping point is rapidly approaching. The “science” is in. People only listen to their own versions of reality that fit their own fucked up worldview. If you believe you’re on the right side of history then mentally prepare yourself to send your neighbors to concentration camps. Are you ready to snitch on your family members because they aren’t vaccinated? Are you ready to inform on the neighbors that don’t follow the rules? I hope you’re ready.

The mainstream media, the Leftist elite, Pundits, Politicians and all types of liars have managed to convince the public that a virus that is 99% survivable by most of the population is so scary that we must unequivocally surrender every ounce of freedom we thought we had in order to “stop the spread”.

FUCK THAT. Find the inner spine you may have once had and simply say NO.

The leftist elite and all the useful idiots that they employ have no problem lying, obfuscating, hiding, misleading and playing off your fear. They will use every crisis or create one in order to get what they want. They will manipulate every step of their process in order to bring about their unrealistic view of the world.




Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. The propaganda and lies are thick in the air. However, I don’t fear anything that’s happening. I don’t watch the news or listen to NPR. You should try it. Their power over me is non-existent. No amount of bullshit is going to scare into believing the lies. Delta, Lambda, Bravo, Zulu; none of these “variants” are scary or worth paying any attention to. Turn off their lies and tune into humanity. The real humans out in the world are doing just fine.

Don’t listen to Fauci, Biden, Kamala, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FX, HBO, NETFLIX, HULU, DISNEY+, PARAMOUNT+, TWITTER, FACEBAG, INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, or the local weatherman. Turn it all off and live in the moment. Life keeps passing by and we have no time left to live it in fear.

Let’s not forget about history or how powerful propaganda can be. Do we really want to live in a society where the unvaccinated are banned from society? Do we really want to force the unvaccinated to wear badges or be shut out from the economy? Don’t we live in the freest nation on Earth?

Reject the mainstream lies. Reject the “woke” culture war. Reject the status quo. Reject the propaganda.

Listen to this song by Discharge and read the lyrics

Positive Propaganda I | The Art of Das Frank




Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Just writing to inform you that I appeared on another podcaster’s show on Monday. The show is called Behind the Sc3m3s. Here is a link to their website

The hosts are named BooBury and Lavish and the general theme of the show is pretty cool. They go behind the scenes into a look at the occultism in Hollywood and many other interesting topics. I’m glad I reached out to them and that we were able to record an episode together. Here is the link to the episode I appeared on



Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going out there? I’ve been out of the loop, off the grid and living free. Helped drive a truck in a parade yesterday that was attended by hundreds of people while everyone was throwing candy and treats to the kids from the back. How does that sound to you? Sounds like pure freedom to me. Didn’t see a mask in sight or any fear on anyone’s faces. Is there still a nation of fear out there? Are people still cowering under the oppression of the government mind control in your area? I hope not. The genie is out of the bottle and it ain’t going back in at this point.

I can’t picture a scenario where the government could force people back into a lockdown or close businesses ever again in this area. People are over it and have no fear in any way of some bullshit virus. The government lost in my opinion. No one is tuning in or listening to the mainstream media. No one is trusting the “science”. People have gone back to trusting their neighbors and their own intuition. I hope this will be the case in your areas.

Live free. Never surrender. Stay positive. Turn off the news. Turn off the Tik-Tok. Turn off the social media.

Go to your nearest window, stick your head out and scream,”I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore”.

You have the power. We have the numbers. They know this. We will win.

Change within, then we win. That’s the revolution. We are the system. We created it, so we must therefore reject it.



Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going today? Is the sun still shining or did the government put up a sun shade to block out the sun? How’s the daily news? I hear through the grapevine that there is some sort of panic related to a delta variant of covid. Is this true? Uh oh, we better close all businesses and stay in our homes for a year. I’m sure Herr Fauci has got his story straight this time. How ridiculous. We live in so many co-existing realities at once that it’s hard to keep track of who’s listening to what.

I know that everything will be ok. No need to panic. The system needs you to comply and producing fear in your brain is the quickest way for them to gain compliance. In dog training you don’t give the dog a treat when he’s bad, you shock him until he figures it out. This is the way the system thinks of us. They shock us with the fear of whatever they feel will gain the most for them and then they give out treats if we do what they want.

I don’t need any treats and shocking no longer works on me.

Shock therapy returns to cure mental illness - Times of India

They want us all glued to the screens for mass panic.

The Film Burrow: A Clockwork Orange | VIOLENCE MAKES VIOLENCE

Don’t let them trick you. You are in control of your own emotions. You have the power. Now take it back and get on with your day. You champion.

If we change within, then we win.


Aluminum Foil-09/June/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Today is a beautiful day and hotter than shit. It’s about 95 degrees outside and miserable, but it’s nice. Not too many chem-trails and plenty of natural clouds out there. This is where my idea for this article was produced. I was looking up at the clouds and it came to me. What will happen when they turn off the internet? How will the 12 followers of this random thought entry subscription tune into my frequency without the internet? How will the podcast continue on under the rule of the autocrats or totalitarians? Easy, we’ll go underground, or are we already underground?

I might have to receive everyone’s mailing address, so I can send out the podcast in cassette form. I have a tape recorder, so that might be the only way to hear uncensored media. Why am I stooping to this level of conspiratorial thinking? I’m not sure if everyone is aware of EVENT 201, that happened in October 2019. Well, during this “mock” event, the topic was the possibility of a pandemic situation and how the world’s leaders, media, and tech companies would be able to respond. What do you know? In 2020 the world experienced a “pandemic” like event that turned the world upside down.

This all brings me to the current day. On July 9th, 2021, the World Economic Forum will conduct another drill called CYBER POLYGON,(also see this This event will focus on what “they” might do in the event of a supply-chain massive cyber attack. So, just in case this leads to the internet no longer working, or the next phase of the GREAT RESET, I figured I would reach out to everyone and see if there is any interest in receiving the podcast and newsletters the old fashioned way.

We might all be coming into an era where we won’t be able to use the internet unless we agree to more draconian measures by the powers that be. We might have to use biometrics to get online, or prove we’ve been vaccinated or some other type of ridiculous measure aimed at limiting free speech. As you can tell right now by reading this, you are experiencing freedom. You are reading a post that was sent to you freely over the internet without any corporate censorship or advertisements. However, in the future you might only be able to access information that has been approved by the state. I guarantee that all of my information that I talk about and podcast about aren’t approved by the state and have no hidden advertisements.

So, if you want to continue experiencing freedom and are interested in getting my info by mail or in cassette form, let me know. My email is Also, some reading this have my personal information and can respond that way.

Ok, good luck. Don’t be surprised in July or some time this year if we are hit with a massive supply-chain cyber attack that cripples the internet and further changes our world.


BREAKING NEWS!/ 27/May/2021

Oh welly welly welly well comrades. How about a bit of the ole’ ultra violence? How about a ride in the good ole’ Durango ’95? Do you have anything to play your fuzzy warbles on? Just kidding, I don’t have any sort of breaking news. I’m just sitting here in the comfort of my forced air furnace fueled home and thinking about the future and past. What is to come and what has already transpired. How have we come to the current state we’re in? Was it all pre-destination? Is it all fate? Do we make our own luck? Who knows?

How long before we have to make a fire in the backyard to keep warm? How long before we have to look upon the bunnies in the backyard as meat instead of cute creatures roaming about? How long before we have to be armed in order to go to town? How long? How much comfort will we be allowed? How many more steak dinners will we consume? How many more hours of mindless internet streaming services will we view? How many more warm blankets will be be under?

My guess is that the current state of comfort is very short lived. The happiness and joy will soon end to be replaced by hard living and stark reality. Hopefully you’re comfortable running 10 miles. Hopefully you enjoy sleeping on the ground cradling your primary weapon. Hopefully you get a kick out of having to navigate through the open country with only the help of a compass.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the controllers will allow a few more years of bread and circuses. Maybe the Kardashians will prop up your worldview. Maybe you’re ready for gym, tan, laundry. Maybe you’d rather netflix it up. Maybe everything they say will just keep existing until you’re ready for the nursing home.

Doubt it.

Prepare. NOW.

If we change within, then we win.