Run in the Sun – 26/July/2022

Hello Beautiful Souls. The run this morning was amazing! Felt great on my bones and muscles.

Jog in the Fog. Run in the Sun. Hike to the Peak.

I have discovered my purpose; at least I have discovered the door to my purpose and am currently waiting to knock or be invited in. In the meantime I will divulge some information to you. There is a reason you are reading this right now. The reason may become clear to you or it may not. Continue to read and follow my existence in this dimension.

I am meant to build and change on this planet. Many exciting changes are coming to this dimension. Prepare for a shift into positive, peace, love.

Shed the old. Shed the fear. Step into your natural gifts and share them with the world. The time is NOW!





Other Side- 28/June/2022

I stand on the other side of the door. I am now another me. An updating, progressing, healing version.

I can see you through the door, but the vision is shimmering from all the heat of that fearful dimension.

On this side of the door fear doesn’t exist. Only love and the source energy that permeates all realities.

Step through; leave your fear, hate, kinks, blockages, traumas.

Meet me on the other side. If you choose.

Negative- 01/May/2022

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How are you doing today on this beautiful Sunday morning? Are you preparing for worship, nursing a hangover, or getting ready for the breakfast buffet down at the casino? Is the sun shining down upon you like melted butter over a hot biscuit? Are you happy and healthy? I hope you are and I hope that you continue to be.

Lately I’ve been trying to overcome negative thoughts and people. I’ve been trying to see through the small things and persevere. Letting the bullshit slide on by without letting it get to me. Sometimes it’s harder than I’d like it to be.

Hopefully you aren’t succumbing to negative thoughts or the slippery slope.

Unplug the TV. Turn off the phone. Disconnect the energy vampire people. Embrace the sunshine. Hike the wooded trail. Feel the grass beneath your toes, or the desert sand.

The time is now to be free. RIGHT NOW!


Punk Shows-25/April/2022

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Over the weekend I attended a local punk show in St. Paul, Minnesota. The bands playing were Gravezig and Cretin Ave. Hop. I was impressed by both bands.

Cretin Ave. Hop played the whole set list from start to finish without taking breaks between songs. It was impressive. I’m positive I was the most enthused about this band being that I was shouting every song from the top of my lungs. I enjoyed the fact that they played mostly songs only an actual Ramones fan would love, so they played all my favorite songs.

Gravezig was the headliner and definitely had the energy and crowd presence. I’ve been listening to The Misfits since I was around 13, so seeing Gravezig was awesome. I think I almost prefer them to seeing a real lineup of The Misfits because Gravezig seemed to be all about the music and the fans, whereas Danzig and Jerry Only are all about who knows what these days.

Overall the show and the bar were great. I only spent around $30 and that’s including Jalapeno Poppers beforehand; which were killer by the way. I would highly recommend both of these bands and the NorthStar Bar in St. Paul. My apologies to anyone who may have stepped in puke in the street. I might know who was the culprit to this victimless crime.


Skate or Die- 15/April/2022

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Have you ever dropped into a quaterpipe and carved your way around a concrete bowl? Have you ever held onto a 25ft crooked grind around a corner and popped out first try? Have you ever rolled up to your favorite skate spot and hit a backside lipslide on your favorite ledge? I highly recommend it.

I love skateboarding. I had a dream last night that I was skateboarding in an abandoned warehouse with a bunch of punk rockers and skaters. I was still able to do backside tailslides and 360 flips with ease. It was great.

I spent the majority of my early youth skateboarding around Albuquerque. I had 100’s of different skate spots around my neighborhood and the city. Some the these skate spots are famous and have been featured in many skate videos. If you feel like bombing a hill, the Indian School ditch is legendary. If you want a challenging 8 stair, the West Mesa 8 is intense; I sprained my ankle there multiple times. If you want to hit a few spots and run from the cops, UNM is perfect.

Skateboarding for me was a way to learn independence and creativity. No one will tell you how to skate or what tricks to focus on. No rules are established on how you should perceive a skate spot. The possibilities are endless in how you can have fun and learn new tricks.

If you’re looking for new hobby or one the kids might enjoy, I recommend skateboarding. It can teach you discipline, resilience, and get you in shape.



Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. What are we doing here on Earth? Are we existing to conquer more things and plant a flag on more pieces of land? What are we doing? Why are we continuing to live in our own prisons we’ve created for ourselves? Birth, school, more school, career, marriage, kids, career, retirement, death.

But how will you survive? How will you pay the bills? Are the kids going back to school now? Are you going back to work soon? How will you make money? How indeed? The question is why.

How about life. How about living each day. How about creating memories for the kids that will last a lifetime. How about imparting knowledge onto the next generation that will lead them towards freedom from the slave system instead of leading them towards mediocrity and the status quo.

Do you enjoy your 9-5 existence? But Derek, how can I do anything different? I’m only one person and nothing I do will change the system. How will I get money to pay the bills? How will I save for retirement? How will I contribute to my pension and 401k?

I don’t know what you’ll do. All I know is the system has failed me at every level. The school system, financial system, military system, college system, housing system, medical system. No more systems. No more control. No more following the path others think is best. No more news. No more entertainment media.

I’ll take the woods, streams, trails, peaks and valleys. The birds and the wind. Great chocolate and laughing at stupid kid jokes. Being free. Free from the future or the past. Free from the control grid.

Pain- 27/March/2022

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet.

The pain is here.

The end is near.

We strive our entire lives waiting to accomplish our dreams. The future is right now.

Look into the mirror and see what needs to be seen.

Your heroes and leaders and social media influencers will not attend your funeral.

Who will hold your hand as you take your last Earthly breath?

If you don’t know who will be there; you should work day and night to secure that relationship right now.

Here is what you’ll actually do; not a damn thing. Wallow in misery. Make excuses. Wait until you’re more financially stable. Watch Netflix.

The end is nigh. The end is the beginning. Pray for peace, but prepare for war.


Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. War.

We are constantly at war. War with “countries”, war with “leaders”, war with ourselves. We sacrifice everything and gain nothing but an empty hole where the empathy and compassion used to live.

We never learn. WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Gulf war 1, Mogadishu, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Ukraine again, etc. Never ending cycle of nonsense.

A song by the great band Discharge comes to mind entitled “Decontrol”. Here are the lyrics.

They fill you up with their fucking lies
You’re the victims of government schemes
They take liberties they’ve no right to take
And you believe they’re oh so right
They only show concern when war is declared
Cos you’re their power and glory
This whole affair’s so fucking unfair
It’s so fucking sick

Decontrol, decontrol
We’ve being shit on far too long

We are living in a never-ending cycle of constant war and fear. Break free from the war for your mind and move past the divisions in the world. The only divisions that exist are created by dark forces seeking to drive a wedge between society. WE are all one. In the next dimension and reality we will all revert back to our infinite light sources of happiness and love. Don’t fall victim to state sponsored fear tactics aimed at breaking your will and spirit.




Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Here we sit on the edge looking down into the abyss. Supposed war in a far off land has some reminiscing about the eve of the failed Iraq war. Are we really falling for some type of nonsense in Ukraine? I’m not. Don’t believe your leaders or any talking heads on the tv, the only people who know what’s going on are guys on the ground. Don’t be tricked into war fervor as a distraction away from the Canadian trucker protest or the convoy that’s heading to DC as we speak. Keep your eyes on the real enemy.

Our leaders and complicit mouthpieces in the mainstream media are set on keeping us divided and focused on trivialities like race, gender, abortion, vaccines, masks, sports, etc. Meanwhile, “they” are grabbing more power and constructing a bigger and more diverse open air prison for us all to live in. Well fellow comrades, “they” can’t imprison your mind just yet. Inside your own skull is the last refuge for freedom and no amount of torture or propaganda can invade your brain unless you let it in. Don’t let it in.

We must all become truckers now and refuse to prop up the system that has us enslaved. “They” only exist by stealing our tax dollars and gaming the system by creating money out of thin air with the “Federal” Reserve. If we turn off their free money train they will go away.

Just say no to totalitarianism. Just say no to masks. Just say no to experimental gene therapies.

Who do you think is keeping this system of misery going? It’s us and we can stop the wheels of government in a few days if we all got on board. As Orwell stated in 1984, “If there’s hope, it lies in the proles.”

We are the system. We have the numbers. We hold all the real wealth and talent.

As we sit on the precipice looking down into the abyss, I see a light. The light is the combined human positive energy that can never be snuffed out. “They” have tried to snuff out our light with negative everything; food, vaccines, tv, social media, schooling, universities, trade unions, think tanks, popular culture, etc. But, our light shines on. The light cannot be snuffed by the darkness.