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Hola. My name is Derek and my wife’s name is Toni. We’re invading your consciousness from FEMA region 5 here in southwest Wisconsin. We’re bringing you reality on the ground, off the grid, counter culture conversations from two regular people in an irregular world. You can expect entertainment, politically incorrect rants, miracles, conspiracies and just about anything else we might find interesting. If you’ve read 1984 or Brave New World, or if you can’t read then this podcast might be for you. If you’re prone to being butt hurt or if you wear a mask while you jog then you might want to switch channels and head back to regularly scheduled programming. This is de-programming to help you get through the day and realize you aren’t alone in your whacked out views. I don’t participate in social media so if you want to get a hold of me, good luck. I have no sponsors, no shadowy puppeteers, and no agenda, although I do listen to no agenda. So remember this: IF YOU’RE HEARING THIS TRANSMISSION YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE.

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Hidden Hand in the Music Industry Vol. 1

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Live Music?-07/Dec/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Today is the same as the last and probably the same as the next. Life goes on despite the madness. Life will always go on despite how much “they” try to stamp it out. One thing that is continuing on is live music. Live music is back in …


Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Today is the dawning of another week. The weather is getting colder and the snow is flying. Winter is upon us and the future is uncertain at best. How are you holding up? Do you have hope for the future? Are you excited about the state of your …

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  1. Interesting topics. I especially was drawn in by the local stories. Donald Deiss was a door to door cancer insurance salesman, which could have made him a target. Working out of his home, might have caused someone to believe he had money on hand.


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