Punk Shows-25/April/2022

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Over the weekend I attended a local punk show in St. Paul, Minnesota. The bands playing were Gravezig and Cretin Ave. Hop. I was impressed by both bands.

Cretin Ave. Hop played the whole set list from start to finish without taking breaks between songs. It was impressive. I’m positive I was the most enthused about this band being that I was shouting every song from the top of my lungs. I enjoyed the fact that they played mostly songs only an actual Ramones fan would love, so they played all my favorite songs.

Gravezig was the headliner and definitely had the energy and crowd presence. I’ve been listening to The Misfits since I was around 13, so seeing Gravezig was awesome. I think I almost prefer them to seeing a real lineup of The Misfits because Gravezig seemed to be all about the music and the fans, whereas Danzig and Jerry Only are all about who knows what these days.

Overall the show and the bar were great. I only spent around $30 and that’s including Jalapeno Poppers beforehand; which were killer by the way. I would highly recommend both of these bands and the NorthStar Bar in St. Paul. My apologies to anyone who may have stepped in puke in the street. I might know who was the culprit to this victimless crime.


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