Skate or Die- 15/April/2022

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Have you ever dropped into a quaterpipe and carved your way around a concrete bowl? Have you ever held onto a 25ft crooked grind around a corner and popped out first try? Have you ever rolled up to your favorite skate spot and hit a backside lipslide on your favorite ledge? I highly recommend it.

I love skateboarding. I had a dream last night that I was skateboarding in an abandoned warehouse with a bunch of punk rockers and skaters. I was still able to do backside tailslides and 360 flips with ease. It was great.

I spent the majority of my early youth skateboarding around Albuquerque. I had 100’s of different skate spots around my neighborhood and the city. Some the these skate spots are famous and have been featured in many skate videos. If you feel like bombing a hill, the Indian School ditch is legendary. If you want a challenging 8 stair, the West Mesa 8 is intense; I sprained my ankle there multiple times. If you want to hit a few spots and run from the cops, UNM is perfect.

Skateboarding for me was a way to learn independence and creativity. No one will tell you how to skate or what tricks to focus on. No rules are established on how you should perceive a skate spot. The possibilities are endless in how you can have fun and learn new tricks.

If you’re looking for new hobby or one the kids might enjoy, I recommend skateboarding. It can teach you discipline, resilience, and get you in shape.


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