Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. What are we doing here on Earth? Are we existing to conquer more things and plant a flag on more pieces of land? What are we doing? Why are we continuing to live in our own prisons we’ve created for ourselves? Birth, school, more school, career, marriage, kids, career, retirement, death.

But how will you survive? How will you pay the bills? Are the kids going back to school now? Are you going back to work soon? How will you make money? How indeed? The question is why.

How about life. How about living each day. How about creating memories for the kids that will last a lifetime. How about imparting knowledge onto the next generation that will lead them towards freedom from the slave system instead of leading them towards mediocrity and the status quo.

Do you enjoy your 9-5 existence? But Derek, how can I do anything different? I’m only one person and nothing I do will change the system. How will I get money to pay the bills? How will I save for retirement? How will I contribute to my pension and 401k?

I don’t know what you’ll do. All I know is the system has failed me at every level. The school system, financial system, military system, college system, housing system, medical system. No more systems. No more control. No more following the path others think is best. No more news. No more entertainment media.

I’ll take the woods, streams, trails, peaks and valleys. The birds and the wind. Great chocolate and laughing at stupid kid jokes. Being free. Free from the future or the past. Free from the control grid.

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