Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going out there in the wild world? I write to you from the beautiful southwest of the United States. No more -15 degree temps this week. Went for a run yesterday morning in shorts and a t-shirt in January; crazy. I’m feeling very hopeful for the future. On our trip across this wonderful country, we’ve run into some amazing people. The synchronicities keep adding up as we move forward.

Yesterday we were in a small town in an undisclosed location and met a person who was from the same exact area we are located in Wisconsin. While we were talking, some people were trying to pay for their items and they happened to be from Wisconsin as well, about an hour from where we live. Wild times.

Something awesome is happening on Earth. It’s a great time to be alive. I believe we will witness the downfall of the “controllers” somewhat soon. I think humanity will realize its full potential soon and step into abundant happiness.

All we have to do is be positive, think positive, and manifest our futures with love and peace. We will win. We will succeed. We will step into the positive frequency and experience something mankind has forgotten.

Good luck out there in the world. Have no fear. Realize your full potential. You are the master of your own happiness and future.


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