EDC (Every Day Carry)-27/DEC/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going today? Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Hopefully you still met with your family and didn’t fall victim to the propaganda. Anyway, I thought I would go over my EVERY DAY CARRY items, since that is something people care about these days? Seems weird, but whatever.

First Item- My keys. I carry my keys with an 8″ 550 cord loop stuffed into my right pocket. On my keychain are my truck keys, a key to most Square D electrical panels, and a bottle opener. I carry the key to electrical panels because I’m an electrician and it’s annoying when the panel cover is locked, but most are a universal key. I carry the bottle opener because you always want to be an asset if you can. Everyone loves the guy with the bottle opener when it’s time to drink beer.

Second Item- Flashlight. I carry a Solitaire LED key chain flashlight by Maglite. It’s a super small light with a 2″ lanyard. I carry this because it’s only around $10 and I’ve had about 3 so far. Don’t want to carry a $100 light that I’ll lose somewhere. I carry the flashlight to see in dark places. Also works to temporarily blind an opponent and use that time to make a move or break contact and get the hell out of there.

Third Item- Purple Bic Lighter. My favorite color is purple, so I always carry a purple bic. I always take off the stupid sticker and remove the child safety thing. I’ve done this for years and stems from my time as a smoker. I hate the child safety thing. Lighters can double as bottle openers. It can also be used as a fist pack to increase the effectiveness of your blows and helps to prevent broken fingers. Also great for burning the ends of cord and rope.

Fourth Item- Sharpie and ballpoint pen. I always carry a sharpie for marking things and a pen for writing things down. Remember to always be an asset in a situation.

Fifth Item- Cloth to clean my glasses. This cloth also works for phone camera lenses and optics.

Sixth Item- Pocket knife. I carry the CRKT IGNITOR. This knife is fairly inexpensive and sharp enough. I don’t have any training with knife fighting, so this knife is purely for cutting shit open. I could use it defensively, but I would opt to diffuse the situation or break contact instead. I carry the ignitor in my right pocket with the standard clip. This shows others that I have a knife, but it would be more out of the ordinary if I didn’t do that. In the region I live, all men have a pocket knife. I also carry an old fashioned pocket knife by Uncle Henry. This is a traditional pocket knife that I have as a backup.

Seventh Item- Glock 17. I carry a Glock 17 because it fits just fine in my Raven Concealment Eidolon inside the waistband holster. The reason for a full size is because I only would ever draw a pistol in an absolute emergency situation. With 17 rounds plus one in the chamber, I can take care of any type of emergency situation. Examples of emergency situations; active shooter, armed violent mob that has already fired at me and others, total collapse of society, violent gun or knife engagement towards my family members.

That just about does it for my EDC items. I also carry a fanny pack by Spiritus Systems, but I’m not going into what I put in there today. Much more shit.

Ok well, take it easy out there in the harsh cold winter and stay alert and ready to be an asset in any situation.


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