Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. The first snow has arrived, and boy is it getting cold out there. Hopefully you’re staying warm.

I have a few thoughts.

I’ve done everything I was supposed to do in order to achieve the “American Dream”. I went to public school, got all my vaccinations, graduated from high school. I joined the work force as a teenager, and filed my taxes every year. I entered into a trade school apprenticeship program and learned a vital craft to contribute to society. I enlisted in the US Army and got more vaccinations that I really can’t remember what they were for to include an Anthrax vaccine. I deployed to the Iraq war and honorably served to “win the hearts and minds”.

When I was done with military service, I rejoined society with a new child and went back to work. I got married, had kids, and bought a house.

I sent my children to do the same thing I have done with the hope that they could possibly follow a similar path to success.

All this has failed. Now society requires me to do even more to prove that I deserve to live in society. I must utterly submit to the government, employers, shop owners, peers, authority figures or whoever else is deemed to rule over me. I must submit to ever changing edicts imposed on me by various different agencies and if I don’t then I can basically go fuck myself.

This is not how it was supposed to be. I did everything I was supposed to do. I’m not doing anything else. The government owes me, not the other way around.

I now am homeschooling the children and preparing to be barred from society once they impose more vaccine requirements for more things. What a rip-off we’ve all bought into.

I’m not buying into it anymore. The emperor has no clothes and my debt to society has been paid in full many times over.

WE own the government. They work for us. WE own the school boards. They work for us. WE own the city council. They work for us. WE are the masters of our own destiny and they can’t force us to live in squalor.



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