Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. The early bird gets the worm, or so they say. Well I’m up early, so I’ll take the worm now. I prefer Juevos Rancheros though, Christmas style with some orange juice and a cup of coffee; black. Anyway, I received a letter yesterday from the world famous Mayo clinic. Actually, my daughter received a letter yesterday informing me that she can receive a covid 19 vaccine.

Hell no. Fuck no. Never. Over my dead body.

In the letter, Mayo in conjunction with the FDA advises my daughter to get the vaccine that has been approved by emergency use authorization. They even say that they STRONGLY recommend her to get it. Then they used the next two pages to show her how safe the vaccine is and all the myths about vaccines. Why do they need to dedicate an entire page to “Help debunk myths about Covid-19 in vaccinations in children”?

If the vaccines are so safe and effective then why can’t I sue Pfizer if she is harmed by the vaccine(https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/16/covid-vaccine-side-effects-compensation-lawsuit.html)See also https://vaers.hhs.gov/. It says that even if she’s already had Covid-19, she should still get the vaccine.

If the vaccine is effective then why do I or my daughter need to get it to protect society from us who aren’t vaccinated? If the vaccine isn’t effective then why would anyone get it? What is the harm in achieving natural herd immunity? If the vaccines work then the unvaccinated pose no threat whatsoever to the vaccinated. If they don’t work, then why are they trying to mandate them in the first place?(Borrowed from Brandon Smith at Alt-market.comhttps://alt-market.us/courageous-la-county-sheriff-tells-the-truth-about-covid-mandates/)

I will make the stand and say no. You cannot vaccinate my child against my will. You (Government) do not own me or my children. You can try to use fear and coercion to force me to submit, but I never ever ever ever will. I am willing to say no.

Just say no. Remember the old DARE slogan, “Just say no”, well I’m bringing it back. Just say no to the government. The government works for us and the only reason they have money to do anything is because they have to steal it from us through the IRS.



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