Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet.

They poison our food. They poison our water. They poison our minds. They poison our skies. They poison our soil. They poison our future.

They destroy our will. They tell us we are to blame. They steal our wealth.

They indoctrinate our children. They indoctrinate our college students.

They lie to us incessantly. They tax us to the point of poverty.

We can’t trust the doctors, news media, lawyers, professors, religious leaders, teachers, politicians.

Our friends have turned into our enemies. Our families have written us off as disease infested virus spreaders.

They have turned us into lepers without a means to survive.

But. We will. We will win. They know it. This is why they’ve done these things.

We are much stronger and mentally prepared to handle this onslaught. We will never bend the knee. We will never give in. We are the victors.

Get used to it.


Published by dk2099


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