Perhaps Today?-29/Oct/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How is it going today? Are you sleeping peacefully at night? Do you stand ready to defend your beliefs at the barrel of a gun or perhaps robot laser eyes? Have you had enough of the government propaganda? If you listen to our podcast Double Thought Dimension (, you will know that we just discussed a NATO document( that aims to predict the future of the battlefield over the next 20 years. In this document they describe the very real possibility that the human race will merge with machines and that Artificial Intelligence will become a daily part of our lives. Remember that Alexa/smart speaker you’ve been telling your life story to? Well, based on all the information they’ve gathered on everyone over the last 20 years, I think the next 20 years are going to be quite interesting indeed.

But Derek, if I have nothing to hide then why would I care if the government and big tech companies are listening to and recording everything I do? The reason you should have started caring about this about 15 years ago is because now all the data is being used to usher in a new society that is based in virtual reality. The only people who will be allowed to participate in the this new reality will be those who follow the rules. If you don’t follow the rules ; getting an experimental gene therapy, submitting to 24/7 government surveillance, submitting to ever more communistic policies, etc., then you won’t be allowed to participate in society.

The Powers That Be could turn off your ability to earn a living by turning off your ability to participate in society. Why do you think they are making people choose to get vaccinated or be barred from public spaces or air travel? I think the reason COVID is being used to enforce these draconian measures is because this is where “they” want society to go and they needed a reason to get people used to the idea of submitting to the government on a daily basis.

How do you boil frogs in a pot? Do you start off with boiling water or do you gradually increase the heat of the water until at last it’s too late? This is what’s been happening to society over the last 20-50-100 years, a slow turning up of the heat and pretty soon we’ll be boiled.

We are on the precipice of a new age. We can choose to stop the crazy death cult that masquerades as our government or we can choose to just go along to get along and allow the government to completely destroy our lives and future.

Here is my thesis: we must not comply with this new world order. We must stop the crazy death cult. We must put the brakes on technology before it takes control over us. We have the time right now to rise up and say no. Let’s do it.

This is to all the international readers. Here in the United States we still have a vestige of freedom. We haven’t allowed the government to disarm us yet. We still have a love for freedom and personal responsibility. Here in the US we will be the fulcrum of what happens in the rest of the world. If the US can stop the new world order, then this will translate to freedom for the rest of the world. Have faith and offer support any way you can.

Perhaps today we will have to fight for our freedom. Perhaps today we will have to defend our beliefs in the face of death. Perhaps today we will have to say no.

I implore you to say no. I implore you to fight for freedom. I implore you to defend your beliefs in the face of death.


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