Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Winter is coming. It’s getting cold and dreary. The snow will start falling sooner rather than later. Are you prepared? Do you have everything picked up outside? Are all of your vehicles prepared for snow driving? Do you have your winter gear in the truck? Do you have spare jackets, blankets, LED headlamps, gas cans, road flares, duct tape, etc., all prepped up? Right now we have the time before the snow comes, so it’s time to start getting everything ready.

How about your property? Do you have your gutters cleaned out? Is your roof and downspouts clear? Is everything ready for your chickens and animals to be ready for the snow? I would make sure you’ve got everything picked up and stored before the snow covers everything.

How about your generator? Is your generator ready to go when you need it? Have you started it up recently? Go ahead and start it up and make sure you can get it prepped to the location you need it in the event of a power outage. Doing a few dry runs before the shit goes down will help you be able to do it faster when the actual emergency comes.

Do you have enough meat, canned goods, extra water, dog/cat/chicken feed? How is your furnace? Do you have spare furnace filters?

You have the ability to be your own hero in the event of an emergency. Don’t wait for someone to come save you. Save yourself by preparing now.

Just some friendly advice from Double Thought Dimension.


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