Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. I thought it might be funny to give a presidential address as if “they” would say what they actually mean. Here it is below.

My fellow Americans,

Being your president means I own you and your children. I can decide what is best for you and your future generations because I stole the election, so now I’m in charge. I know you think you have a certain amount of freedom guaranteed by the Constitution, but that is all a facade to keep you in a false sense of security. The only freedom you have is the amount we allow you to have. In reality, we are a totalitarian system that is globally oriented with the goal of keeping the scum of the world contained while we subjugate you for massive amounts of power and wealth. This whole system is nothing new, but now you worthless common men are starting to catch on to our scheme. For generations we’ve been able to get away with our madness and call it a free republic without every having to pay any consequences.

We the controllers of the globe are instituting a new system and we don’t care if you aren’t on board with it. We are going to make it impossible for anyone to live outside of our control grid. We needed a reason to bring about this new system of total control, but we didn’t want to execute another 9/11 type of event so we went with the whole “pandemic” narrative. Obviously everything that has happened in 2020 and beyond was all bullshit and propaganda to scare the hell out of the public, which worked nicely. It worked after 9/11 when we instituted a completely new system without the public fighting back against it. We used the false fear of global terrorism to make that happen, but that is too played out at this point so we had to use something new. So we introduced “Covid 19” as the new boogeyman. I really can’t believe how easily it worked, and how many people really became the cheerleaders for their own loss of freedoms without ever questioning the narrative. Man you people are dumb.

I hope you sad poor citizens are ready for what is coming next. Get ready to face a global shutdown. If you aren’t vaccinated with as many shots as we tell you to get, then you can kiss the outside world goodbye. Get ready to not be able to shop, dine, work, travel, or leave your house without being vaccinated first. You will show your proof of vaccination everywhere you go, and if you don’t you are going to be rounded up and put in camps. You think it can’t happen here? America is the perfect place for this to happen because you think “it can’t happen here”. The common citizen will rat on you to the government and you will cheer as people are taken to camps. This might even become a reality TV show, “The Quarantine Camp: America’s scum”.

The ultimate goal of our system is to eventually make it to where no one can do anything without the government knowing about it. You will have to scan into the system each day and do the approved things in order to be a free human. If you don’t, then your ability to do anything in society will be turned off digitally and you’ll be put in the camp. Get ready for it. Get ready for the mainstream media to make this a reality. Get ready to see your neighbors disappear. Get ready to lose your supposed loved ones. Get ready to be an open slave to the system or pay the ultimate price.

Thank you my fellow Americans. This has been your President speaking and I’m glad you’re all on board with our plan. Now back to you regularly scheduled programming. I think Fauci is on the Jersey Shore this week, so that should be entertaining for you.

HAHAHAHHAHA. Obviously this has been satire. However, this isn’t far from reality. I hope you can see through the lies and propaganda. I hope you won’t turn your neighbors in. I hope you won’t rat out your family members.


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