Duke City-22/Aug/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. I wanted to share a recent experience that my sister had in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Governor of New Mexico instituted an extension to the mask mandate for indoor gatherings until September 15th, 2021, you can find it below or here https://cv.nmhealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/081721-PHO-Masks.pdf

Following this order a couple hundred people decided to have a protest at the capitol. The people that were there protesting were from all walks of life, races, and creeds. Here are a few news reactions to the protest https://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/local_news/workers-gather-in-santa-fe-to-protest-mandatory-vaccines/article_740d5cee-01f8-11ec-a9fb-7fd22ca67248.html

I think it’s time to draw a line in the sand. On my side of the line is the Constitution and the idea that we own our bodies and can decide what goes into them. On the other side are those who believe that the state own’s our bodies and can mandate our daily activities.

Pick a side and start training. It is inevitable that we will have to resort to a conflict. You can only oppress people for a certain amount of time before they snap and the snapping point is rapidly approaching. The “science” is in. People only listen to their own versions of reality that fit their own fucked up worldview. If you believe you’re on the right side of history then mentally prepare yourself to send your neighbors to concentration camps. Are you ready to snitch on your family members because they aren’t vaccinated? Are you ready to inform on the neighbors that don’t follow the rules? I hope you’re ready.

The mainstream media, the Leftist elite, Pundits, Politicians and all types of liars have managed to convince the public that a virus that is 99% survivable by most of the population is so scary that we must unequivocally surrender every ounce of freedom we thought we had in order to “stop the spread”.

FUCK THAT. Find the inner spine you may have once had and simply say NO.

The leftist elite and all the useful idiots that they employ have no problem lying, obfuscating, hiding, misleading and playing off your fear. They will use every crisis or create one in order to get what they want. They will manipulate every step of their process in order to bring about their unrealistic view of the world.



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