Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going out there? I’ve been out of the loop, off the grid and living free. Helped drive a truck in a parade yesterday that was attended by hundreds of people while everyone was throwing candy and treats to the kids from the back. How does that sound to you? Sounds like pure freedom to me. Didn’t see a mask in sight or any fear on anyone’s faces. Is there still a nation of fear out there? Are people still cowering under the oppression of the government mind control in your area? I hope not. The genie is out of the bottle and it ain’t going back in at this point.

I can’t picture a scenario where the government could force people back into a lockdown or close businesses ever again in this area. People are over it and have no fear in any way of some bullshit virus. The government lost in my opinion. No one is tuning in or listening to the mainstream media. No one is trusting the “science”. People have gone back to trusting their neighbors and their own intuition. I hope this will be the case in your areas.

Live free. Never surrender. Stay positive. Turn off the news. Turn off the Tik-Tok. Turn off the social media.

Go to your nearest window, stick your head out and scream,”I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore”.

You have the power. We have the numbers. They know this. We will win.

Change within, then we win. That’s the revolution. We are the system. We created it, so we must therefore reject it.


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