Aluminum Foil-09/June/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Today is a beautiful day and hotter than shit. It’s about 95 degrees outside and miserable, but it’s nice. Not too many chem-trails and plenty of natural clouds out there. This is where my idea for this article was produced. I was looking up at the clouds and it came to me. What will happen when they turn off the internet? How will the 12 followers of this random thought entry subscription tune into my frequency without the internet? How will the podcast continue on under the rule of the autocrats or totalitarians? Easy, we’ll go underground, or are we already underground?

I might have to receive everyone’s mailing address, so I can send out the podcast in cassette form. I have a tape recorder, so that might be the only way to hear uncensored media. Why am I stooping to this level of conspiratorial thinking? I’m not sure if everyone is aware of EVENT 201, that happened in October 2019. Well, during this “mock” event, the topic was the possibility of a pandemic situation and how the world’s leaders, media, and tech companies would be able to respond. What do you know? In 2020 the world experienced a “pandemic” like event that turned the world upside down.

This all brings me to the current day. On July 9th, 2021, the World Economic Forum will conduct another drill called CYBER POLYGON,(also see this This event will focus on what “they” might do in the event of a supply-chain massive cyber attack. So, just in case this leads to the internet no longer working, or the next phase of the GREAT RESET, I figured I would reach out to everyone and see if there is any interest in receiving the podcast and newsletters the old fashioned way.

We might all be coming into an era where we won’t be able to use the internet unless we agree to more draconian measures by the powers that be. We might have to use biometrics to get online, or prove we’ve been vaccinated or some other type of ridiculous measure aimed at limiting free speech. As you can tell right now by reading this, you are experiencing freedom. You are reading a post that was sent to you freely over the internet without any corporate censorship or advertisements. However, in the future you might only be able to access information that has been approved by the state. I guarantee that all of my information that I talk about and podcast about aren’t approved by the state and have no hidden advertisements.

So, if you want to continue experiencing freedom and are interested in getting my info by mail or in cassette form, let me know. My email is Also, some reading this have my personal information and can respond that way.

Ok, good luck. Don’t be surprised in July or some time this year if we are hit with a massive supply-chain cyber attack that cripples the internet and further changes our world.


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