BREAKING NEWS!/ 27/May/2021

Oh welly welly welly well comrades. How about a bit of the ole’ ultra violence? How about a ride in the good ole’ Durango ’95? Do you have anything to play your fuzzy warbles on? Just kidding, I don’t have any sort of breaking news. I’m just sitting here in the comfort of my forced air furnace fueled home and thinking about the future and past. What is to come and what has already transpired. How have we come to the current state we’re in? Was it all pre-destination? Is it all fate? Do we make our own luck? Who knows?

How long before we have to make a fire in the backyard to keep warm? How long before we have to look upon the bunnies in the backyard as meat instead of cute creatures roaming about? How long before we have to be armed in order to go to town? How long? How much comfort will we be allowed? How many more steak dinners will we consume? How many more hours of mindless internet streaming services will we view? How many more warm blankets will be be under?

My guess is that the current state of comfort is very short lived. The happiness and joy will soon end to be replaced by hard living and stark reality. Hopefully you’re comfortable running 10 miles. Hopefully you enjoy sleeping on the ground cradling your primary weapon. Hopefully you get a kick out of having to navigate through the open country with only the help of a compass.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the controllers will allow a few more years of bread and circuses. Maybe the Kardashians will prop up your worldview. Maybe you’re ready for gym, tan, laundry. Maybe you’d rather netflix it up. Maybe everything they say will just keep existing until you’re ready for the nursing home.

Doubt it.

Prepare. NOW.

If we change within, then we win.


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