Uh Yeah-25/May/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going today? Today is going great here in Southwest Wisconsin. I played in the weekly volleyball game last night with about 100 or so in attendance, and no fear or nonsense was involved. No one cowering behind a mask or murmuring about when they might receive freedom. We have always had freedom and we are nicely enjoying it here.

What does the media have to say? Are they still pumping out some sort of fear program? Who’s the next boogeyman? Mutated strains, terrorism, right wing extremists, systemic racism, wealth inequality? How do they want you to victimize yourself this week? Why has the system not allowed you to flourish in life? How have you been oppressed? Oh wait, we live in the freest country on Earth and have the most of anything and the highest opportunities of any nation on this planet. We can choose any path in life that we like and run with it, or we can choose to victimize ourselves and blame the system for keeping us in poverty and misery.

The system sucks, that’s for sure, but we can all choose to rise to the occasion and make for ourselves and family anything that we choose. We can choose to turn off the fear machine (TV), and go outside into the beautiful sunshine and suck down some free oxygen. We can choose not to follow the crowd and wait for the government to give us our freedom back. We can boldly take it back and keep it. Once you transcend the fear that the media wants to keep you in, you realize that you are the master of your reality and can manifest everything positive that you would like to happen in life.

Stupid libtards, racist republicans, right wing extremists, commie thugs, millenial losers, etc., are all creations of the media in order to sow division in this country and bring it down from within. We all have way more in common than we have differences. The media has managed to turn black against white, old against young, rich against poor, so and and so on. But, WE are the system. WE all are living in this country together and WE collectively have all the power. WE need to remember who the real enemy is. The enemy is the ‘leaders’ in the government and media who lie by the second in order to gain more power for them and less for US. No ‘leader’ in government or the media is going to save you or gives a shit about you. Your neighbor though probably could help you in a time of need and vice versa.

How long will this nation be suckered by the TV and professional liars in the media and elsewhere? How long before we all ignore the fear machine and realize our own power? How long before we stop being beaten down by the system and choose instead to beat the system down?

WE have all the power and capabilities to change our own situations and therefore change the system. Take back your own personal power and use it to change your own personal situations for the better each day. If we change within, then we win.


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