Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. I had a thought about sports and different types of venues. Now that many places are opening back up to full capacity and seemingly starting to return to a more normal type of business model, I had a few thoughts about the ones who are deciding to enforce a vaccine requirement or covid testing in order to enter the event. Here are some of the new reasons not to go to any of these events.

  1. Identity politics– Musical concerts, sports games, or theater outings shouldn’t include themes about how “woke” they are, or how stupid you are for not being “woke” enough.
  2. Covid policies– Venues exist to make money or provide a service to the public. Enforcing covid passports or requiring testing to enter an event is definitely not legal most likely. Allowing these venues to exploit your personal medical history shouldn’t become the “new normal”. What will you do if they require the mark of the beast to enter a venue? How about if they require you to wear your yellow star? What about showing your papers to prove your loyal to the party?

Here are some of the old reasons why I didn’t go to any of these venues before.

  1. Too expensive- Going to a baseball game or Disneyland shouldn’t require me to save for half a year.
  2. Boring- On top of the extreme price to enter the event, the events often times turn to out to suck.
  3. No interest- I’ve had no interest to go to sports games or musicals or plays before all of this covid nonsense, much less now that so many draconian rules are being put into place.
  4. Annoying- Having to deal with large numbers of people usually just highlights for me how out of place I am in society. Dealing with groups reinforces how shitty group behavior can be and make me understand how the controllers exploit mass groups of people.
  5. Parking- Trying to find a parking spot or paying $20 to pay for parking on top of the already astronomical fee isn’t worth it usually.
  6. Overinflated merchandise and concessions- Why is it ok to charge $9 for a Michelob light? Why is it ok to pay $15 for a hot dog and chips? Fuck that. These venues are exploiting the fact that you’re trapped in their prison until the event is over, so they raise the prices on all goods.

Conclusion: I wasn’t too keen on dealing with all of these things before the scam that is covid was perpetrated on the human race. Now that some of these venues have added the extra amount of bullshit on top of the already annoying list makes me prefer to stay home. I would rather hang out in the backyard by the fire, or have a few drinks with close friends and family then deal with all of that bullshit. Hopefully some of these venues will realize their mistakes or go out of business.

We can all choose to be free and not accept the “new normal”. We can all collectively choose freedom over oppression. We can all realize that we are a special human family with immense power and choose not to be exploited by the government or their corporate cronies. Don’t accept a “vaccine requirement” to enter anywhere. Don’t show your papers to the authorities. Don’t succumb to groupthink or peer pressure. You can do it. 1,2,3 you are free.


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