South Dakota-27/April/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. I just got back from a pure freedom zone and it was quite nice. No face masks, no bullshit distancing, no pretending in restaurants. This awesome place is called South Dakota. We stayed in hotels and ate in restaurants without having to pretend we were scared of a highly survivable virus. People talked to each other just the way it used to be before the NEW WORLD ORDER decided to destroy our lives. I recommend that you go and explore South Dakota.

Driving through the state was like going back in time. I felt more like I was on a wagon train instead of driving in a car. As soon as we entered South Dakota, we were granted instant freedom. The speed limit in Minnesota is 70mph, but as soon as we entered South Dakota the speed changed to 80mph. This is a perfect analogy for freedom. South Dakota allows its residents to be adults and doesn’t seem to intrude in their lives as much as other states.

Being in South Dakota was a breath of fresh air in a world gone insane. I felt like my family could live in peace without the fear of politicians deciding everything for everyone. How could this be? How can South Dakota be so normal when the majority of the country has completely lost its collective mind? I can only say that SD is my new example for freedom. Anytime a weirdo is telling me to pull my mask up, or expelling me from a store because I didn’t have a mask on, I’ll remember SD and have hope.

All states can take the example set by South Dakota, but I fear that very few will. Even here in Wisconsin, the level of freedom from fear isn’t as clear as in SD. We should all be free from fear at this point and stop listening to the mainstream media. Their narrative has completely fallen apart, and anyone who still believes that masks and social distancing are just temporary are living in a dream world. Soon we won’t be able to have freedom of movement without having a vaccine. We’ll be denied entry into the grocery store if we don’t have our yellow stars on.

Look to South Dakota when trying to find a beacon in this darkness. Somewhere out there in the land of freedom, a cowboy rustles the cows back to the pasture and isn’t living in fear. Let’s all join that mindset and be free.


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