Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. When will we return to normal? When will we be allowed to get back our freedoms? When will we get back to the way it used to be? When will we stop wearing masks? When will we stop social distancing? When will we stop quarantining away from a virus that is 99% survivable? When will we be allowed to meet in person? When? When? WHEN?

This is bullshit. This new society we’ve been forced into is destroying the youth of America and the world. Children are being ushered into a society that is forcing them to cut off human contact and treat all humans as suspect. Children are being forced to wear masks over their faces at school and being treated like little petri dishes that are possible harbingers of a bullshit flu virus. Children are being turned into a bunch of useless, depressed, propagandized, terrorized and ultimately destroyed version of what a human being should be.

Fuck all that. What are we doing as adults to stop this? Why do politicians always invoke “think about the children” when they want us to give up our freedoms, but now the children are actually being ruined and we sit by and do nothing.

But Derek, I’m only one person, what can I do? But Derek, the news said to shelter in place and only shop at Walmart. The news said to get an untested, unapproved vaccine but still won’t allow me to take off my face diaper. The news changes the rules every week, but still the masses are listening and following the edicts. Why? Are the adults in this country so far gone that we’ve been coerced into accepting absolute tyranny? Why? Why? WHY?

I’ve been in this liberty movement and conspiracy theory world since around 2008, and I’ve been preparing for a time like this to come. I’ve been mentally ready for this bullshit that we now find ourselves in. I’m actually shocked that the general public has allowed everything to happen so quickly and with so little pushback. Just like all the conspiracy theorists have been saying for 30 years, we’ve been tricked into a world of totalitarianism.

The time is now. RIGHT NOW. We must all refuse all orders from the illegitimate “leaders”. The “leaders” can’t do shit against the masses. Refuse all orders. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t submit. Teach your children the correct way to live. Visit with your family and neighbors and friends in person. Don’t roll over and take it. The time is now to take back our freedom. RIGHT NOW.


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