Buenas Dias- 20/March/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. I’m back from a small vacation with the family and in-laws that we took to our Southern neighbor. It was quite nice. Running on the beach, laying by the beach, laying by the pool, etc. etc. I never felt any fear of a “virus” or had any assumptions that I was going to be involved in any “super-spreader” events. I did notice one thing as we flew back and forth across the country. Our society has changed immensely in one year, and I’m not sure what effect this will have on the children of this generation. While flying on the plane, I’m almost positive that I was the only one not watching a movie. No conversations were being had amongst the passengers and there was an eerie silence on the plane that virtually no one noticed. This saddens me. Kids growing up in this fucked up version of reality are being traumatized by this culture and I can’t think of many benefits they’re going to get from this constant barrage of propaganda and lies.

In Orwell’s 1984, the general population of the made up country Oceania were under a constant state of surveillance and fear mongering that left them devoid of personal relationships. People weren’t allowed to talk to each other for fear of seeming “unorthodox”, so people would only talk about generalities and nonsense in order to not draw attention to themselves and be labeled a “thought criminal”. I fear that this is the current state of affairs and I’m not sure what can be done to fix it.

While on the plane, most people were only conversing with those in their immediate family or group, because the passengers are only really allowed to sit with members of their own family. This last year of Covid propaganda has changed society so quickly that I’m not sure if people have forgotten what it was like to fly or be in public prior to this manufactured “crisis”. We used to be able to sit anywhere we chose, or it was left up to chance. This created a fun environment that lead to complete strangers engaging in conversations and generally having a good time. I can’t count the number of comical or memorable exchanges I used to have with complete strangers in airports. Not only in airports, but just being in public could lead towards a conversation with a stranger that would add spice to life. All that is gone. People now are programmed to sit quietly, watch their screen, and not do anything that might get them labelled as “unorthodox”.

I remember the past. I remember the freedom. I will not submit to being a conformist slave. I will not obey or succumb to this sick society. I will engage in conversations with strangers in public. I will think freely. I will not censor myself.

Do you remember freedom? Can you recall what it was like to live without fear? Do you know that YOU have the power to make a change today?

Here is my challenge. Go to the store and engage anyone close to you in conversation. Display your unique personality and speak your mind. Do not be afraid to have an interaction with another human being. Pull down your mask if you have one on so the other person can see your facial expressions and smile heavily.

Lastly, remember that you are free. You are a unique soul that was not meant to be caged or programmed. You are a free range Human with talent, charisma, and much to offer the human race.


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