Spring?- 06/March/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Spring has sprung. At least it feels that way here in Southwest Wisconsin. I hear birds chirping and I can stand to go outside without a coat every now and again. This usually happens every year. We get a false spring only to be plunged back into frigid temperatures a few more times until the end of May. Are we in a false spring politically as well? The masks seem to be going away around my area. People seem to be losing their fear of the “virus”. How long though before the mainstream media tells us about a new “mutant strain”, or maybe we’ll just go back to the Obama and Bush years and get back into a good old fashioned war. I’m sure the Middle East is bored without us fucking around with their lives and ruining their countries and their future.

I feel some sort of tension in the air. A shoe waiting to drop. The politicians can’t stand to have the populace thriving without giving us a good dose of fear to justify taking away all our liberties slowly. How many liberties have we lost over the last 21 years? Ever since 9/11, we’ve been living in a slow creep towards totalitarianism. We are basically there now. The only step left is to fully have everyone microchipped and tracked 24/7. We already allow that anyway with our cell phones and ubiquitous use of “smart devices” that listen to everything we say and track everything we do. Do you enjoy having your Rumba listen to your subversive conversations? How long until “Alexa” is calling the FBI on you to inform them of your unorthodoxy?

Or maybe we are on the verge of a massive awakening that will lead back to the correct mode of life. Maybe we are headed towards a natural progression of freedom that will lead us all back to the correct path in sync with nature. Maybe we will soon discover free energy devices that will allow us all to disconnect from the “smart grid” and “smart cities” for the hope of being able to all be self sufficient without having to work meaningless jobs in order to prop up the machine that’s killing us. Who knows?

All I know is that I’m not scared for the future or the current state of the world. The media’s scheme to scare the hell out of me hasn’t worked. I have no fear, but only a sense that all will be all right with the world soon. When you turn off the electronic devices and head outside, the animals seem to be able to live in sync with nature without having to degrade themselves in order to prop up their way of life. You don’t have Rothchilds in the woods who are controlling some sort of animal central bank that is controlling every aspect of the animal’s lives. The animals just wake up when the sun comes up and live free according to the plan that was created for them. We should all be able to do the same thing without having to rely on some sort of Government and monetary system that keeps us in a state of fear and enslavement. We should be able to go into the woods, build a cottage, hunt and fish for food, and raise our families free from “societies” status quo. We should be able to create our own communities centered around small groups of families with likeminded views that are completely self sustaining.

Whether we are in a “false spring” or still in the “dark winter”, I have much hope. I know that humanity will win in the end, and that these psychopaths who call themselves our leaders will eventually pay for all the crimes they’ve committed against us.

Step outside into the bright sunshine. Look straight up into the blue sky and suck down endless breaths of free oxygen while also enjoying all the free vitamin D from the sun. Realize that you are not a slave and that your destiny is in your hands. Break your chains, mentally at first, then go about your life with a sense of purpose and dignity.

I’m reminded of a song. The song is “Freedom at last”, by Anti-schism. It goes, “We are the “system”, the system is just people, form governments to corporations
it still comes down to individuals. There is no system without participation,
If You change within, then we win. That is my solution, that’s the revolution.
No bloody confrontations, just humanity’s realization that the truth behind the evils of the system
That we created them so we may therefore reject them.”


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  1. “If You change within, then we win. That is my solution, that’s the revolution.
    No bloody confrontations, just humanity’s realization that the truth behind the evils of the system That we created them so we may therefore reject them.”
    I really liked this commentary and the comment I posted above. A humanitarian realization of truth through no -violence. Great topic!


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