Punk Rock-21/Feb/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. As I sit here in the chair of freedom behind my computer, I remember my youth and youth in general. I never wanted to become a 9-5 type. I never wanted to be roped into the mortgage and debt trap. However, I’ve been roped in and I’m not sure what to think about it. I’ve worked all of my adult life as an electrician minus my time in the Army. I’ve had roughly 2,000 hours of work each year re-modeling kitchens and bathrooms. I’ve helped wire hotels and apartments and many residential and commercial properties. But, for what? I’ve been able to bring my family out of the lower income level into the middle income level. We have a stable house and never really worry about whether we’re going to make it each month. In the grand scheme of things I don’t look back fondly on all of my electrical jobs. I mostly look back on those jobs as sucking and mentally draining.

Is there more to life? Am I wasting my time as an electrician or should I be glad that I have a cherished trade and be happy that I can provide for my family? The only problem is that in order for me to provide for my family I have to be gone from the house 40 hours a week. This means that most of the time I’m just passing through the house and waiting to go back to work each day. I come home exhausted and can’t really focus on much with the family because I’m thinking about whether or not my projects are going correctly and what my next step is in order to do a good job. Next thing I know and my kids are grown up and I’m all fucked up from years of breathing in sheetrock dust and crawling through attics. There has to be another way.

Insert punk rock. As a youth I was heavily involved in the punk rock counter culture.

My friend’s and I riding the city bus in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I believed that I would buck the system and live out a life of pure freedom according to the mentality of “DIY”(do it yourself). I thought that I would either have a job as a musician or some other type of independent employment. This reality is much harder to achieve in real life. It is possible and many have done it, but making it work to support a family isn’t really going to work. This is why most kids end up giving up their dreams and finding a job that will just pay the bills and conform to society’s standards of success.

Screaming into the mic at a house party in the early 2000’s. Long live The Visects.

Conformity is boring. The 9-5 world robs most people of their dignity and creativity. Attempting to do anything other than the standard is looked upon with disdain. So what is the answer? Do we all just quit our jobs and become artists and songwriters? Do we continue to jump onto that hamster wheel each morning? Not really sure, but at least my time as a young punk rocker has prepared me for this current state of the world.

Being a punk rocker is dangerous. Looking like a total freak and walking around in society can lead to many bad things happening, which it often did. I think this is why now I have no problem going against the grain and thinking for myself in this twisted reality we now find ourselves in. It’s hard to be the lone weirdo out there, but it prepared me for this current paradigm of disinformation and propaganda.

The punk rock movement may be shallow and vapid, but it’s something. Better than destroying your mind with tik-tok videos and social media obsession.

Punk rockers in the early 2000’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Freedom at its finest.


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