Are You Ready? 15/Feb/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Are you sick of the “new normal”? Are you wondering when this madness will end? Two weeks to “slow the spread” has turned into forever. Those of us in the liberty minded community for the past decade have been preparing mentally and proactively for this type of draconian world we now inhabit, but how about those who are trying to figure out why they’re locked in this new system that doesn’t show any signs of returning to normal. What are the masses doing to navigate this new system of complete control?

Blind acceptance or passive tolerance is the “new normal”. Everyone is going along to get along, and hoping this madness will end soon. I hate to break it you all, but this madness is just beginning. Nothing will ever go back to normal until the masses rise up and put a stop to this charade. However, this isn’t going to happen. People are too comfortable and content in their modes of existence to do anything that might take them from their comfort. Until they have absolutely no choice, the masses will continue to fall in line and believe all the “science”.

Prepare for masks and “social distancing” to dominate the future. People will wish they could go back to the times of masks and “social distancing” once they enact new orders that are much more restrictive. Prepare for mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports in order to shop or do anything out in public. Prepare to submit all health information over to your employer or whoever else asks for it if you want to participate in society. Want to fly or leave your state or the country? As long as you’re willing to submit to all of the rules, feel free. This is only the beginning. The fact that hardly anyone has spoken out or actually attempted to thwart this madness proves to the elites in charge that they’re winning. If they’ll accept this bullshit, what won’t they accept?, they’ll say.

This all lasts as long as we allow it to last. So, if you don’t like the current state of things, you’ll have to do something about it, or just sit back and wait for it to get much worse.


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