Open Letter-06/Feb/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Another day, another dollar. Just keep on truckin’. Just keep on keepin’ on. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Keep your nose to the grindstone. These little sayings imply that the lower class can get to the ELITE level if they just do the things described. Just keep working and eventually you will get ahead and achieve the American dream.

I’ve achieved the American dream by those standards. I have a wife, house, two kids, four dogs, five chickens, one cat, two vehicles, four wheeler, go kart, savings account, good paying job, food, clothes, etc. However, I’ll never achieve the “ELITE” level status because it’s not possible, nor would I want to be in that level of society. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren’t going to be attending my vow renewal ceremony this summer. The chairman of the Federal Reserve isn’t coming to my Friday night poker games. I don’t even have Friday night poker games.

What I’m getting at is that we have three levels of society. The ELITE on top who control everything that impacts me in the middle class. Then we have the lowest of society, who can barely make it day to day, or are homeless who rely on drugs or the government programs to get them by. The two classes on the bottom (Middle class and lower class) are never going to be in control of their own destiny. The ones on top have tricked the masses into believing in the FIAT money system, and have us convinced that if we just work our lives away we will get ahead and become like them. This isn’t possible. We weren’t born into the right bloodlines. Do you actually think Barrack Obama or George Bush just magically got to the heights they achieved through hard work? If you look into their stories, every president or ELITE type figure has been on that track since birth.

As George Carlin once said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”. So these sneaky ELITES have duped the masses throughout the centuries to believe that we can all get ahead if we just go to our pointless job and pay our taxes and send our kids to school and die obscurely. It’s us who are propping up this ridiculous system that demoralizes us all and causes us to live lives we would never have lived, just so we can one day become like them, or even maybe like a celebrity. That will never happen, and even if it did that will never bring happiness. Happiness comes from within and from God. It comes from family and friends and doing things for others.

We should be chopping wood all day to prepare for the night. We should be hunting and gathering to prepare for winter. We should be reflecting on our family and spending time in a small tribe in order to gain meat for everyone to eat. We should be teaching our children how to survive and thrive in nature. We should be underneath the sky most of the day and night for most of our lives.

Instead we lock ourselves or allow ourselves to be locked in our cheaply built homes that cost 5 times more than they should. We allow ourselves to be taken away from our family each day to go work a pointless job to enrich our bosses and keep us slightly above the poverty line. We allow the government, celebrities, newscasters, movies, and pop culture to tell us how we should be living our lives. We can never get ahead, and we can never really own anything outright. Even once we pay off our house 30 years later we still have to pay taxes on the land, or else THEY will come and remove you.

None of the things we do in society right now are right. Everything is upside down. Everything we’ve ever learned or been told is most likely bullshit. Our “Leaders” are professional liars who probably laugh at our plight behind closed doors. We eat the wrong food, listen to the wrong information, and watch the wrong things. The ELITE want to keep us all stupid, fat, and reliant on their bullshit scheme.

Well not anymore. Not for me. I’ve unplugged from that reality long ago, but how long will you stay plugged in? How long will you prop up their system of enslavement? How long will you go along with their bullshit? Hopefully not too much longer. It’s getting old.


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