Uno, Dos, Tres-03/02/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How’s it going today? Are you so happy to be alive today? Are you better off today than you were this time last year? Are you so pleased that the evil orange media darling has been excommunicated from the holy temple of the mainstream media? Are you gearing up to “slow the spread” and “do your part”? Just two weeks of a shutdown and we will “slow the spread”, then we can re-open and get back to normal. Oh wait, it’s been about a year and here we sit in our new scientist controlled world. We go about our daily lives in fear of a virus or in fear of each other. The act of not wearing a disgusting, dehumanizing, pointless face mask has become an absolute act of rebellion. Are you ready for rebellion?

I don’t think one disgusting mask will do it. You should probably wear two just in case. But why you ask? Because the highest paid government employee “Dr” Fauci said so. Since he’s been in the government for 4 decades, I’m sure he isn’t corrupted or anything. I’m sure when he said last year that wearing a mask was pointless was just a mistake. I’m sure when he was involved in the horrible rollout of the AIDS virus, he really made a difference there and AIDS has become extinct. I’m sure Dr. Fauci loves all us peons down here in the gutter so much that he just can’t wait each day to tell us how to properly breathe oxygen.

So, actually why don’t you wear three masks. Actually, why don’t you wear 4 masks and a face shield. Why don’t you wear 5 masks, a face shield, goggles and elbow length rubber gloves. Better yet, just stay inside and wait for Herr Fauci to tell you when you can leave your house and in what level of idiotic garb you must be dressed in. Just ignore your entire life’s experience up until last year and forget everything you’ve ever learned about health or how to associate with other humans in society. Herr Fauci will clue you in on how to properly live. Trust the science. Trust the experts. Do your part.

In this house hold we believe in science. We accommodate all 10,000 genders. We worship the state. We lick the boots of all celebrities and media personnel. We do exactly as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah instruct us. We refuse to use our brains unless we are instructed to and only in ways the state allows us to. We tolerate all opinions as long as they are the accepted ones. We strive for peace each day as we talk shit about our neighbors and friends who have “lost it”.

Fuck all that. Use your brain. Speak out against the mainstream every chance you get. Refuse to wear a mask. Go to your favorite businesses and encourage them to stand up against the state despite the “mandates”. Go to your governor’s house and calmly ask when it’s ok to live again? Excuse me sir, can I please live again? Excuse me sir, can I please go to a nail salon or tattoo parlor if I choose?

This madness only lasts as long as we allow it to last. Refuse to support their bullshit. Don’t watch the super bowl, don’t watch TV, don’t listen to NPR, don’t “trust the science”. Question everything, especially if they say you shouldn’t be questioning it.


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