‘Member? You ‘Member? 28/Jan/2021

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. Can you remember freedom? Can you recall the sweet memory when you could calmly go about your business each day without worrying about the government interfering with your life? Remember the good ole days when we could just breath oxygen unimpeded by a stupid looking mask covering our faces?

In the picture above, I’m the one with the Visects vest on. This picture was taken at a local punk show in the early 2000’s. No one is wearing a mask. We are in a mosh pit enjoying our freedom to associate with like minded individuals. It’s loud as fuck, smelly, sweaty, unsafe, and completely awesome. I was allowed to enter into an establishment and enjoy myself without the government saying if it was ok or not. Can you even imagine this unruly looking image in todays current state? Talk about “social distancing”, you can’t get much closer in a mosh pit. I went to and participated in so many events like this throughout my youth. I never washed my hands, never stayed 6 feet apart, and never wore a mask. I rarely got sick and never had any issues.

Today we are allowing events like the one above to silently pass into obscurity while allowing our current society’s youth to look like the picture below.

This image is sad to me. The youth has been indoctrinated by public school and social media to believe and follow any trend that the mainstream media and “influencers” tell them to follow. Can these youth pictured above look back on any fond memories of their youth in the same way that I can? Luckily I grew up in a different society before the advent of social media and smartphones. This is most likely the reason that I’m still able to think logically and not follow ridiculous trends and fads. But, what will the youth of today grow up to become? Will they be able to think logically in 20 years and make the right decisions needed for this country to flourish?

I’m optimistic for the future, but I feel bad for today’s youth who seem all to willing to blindly accept their loss of freedom without even putting up the smallest amount of protest. What happened to teen angst? What happened to freedom?

We need some angry teenagers screaming into mics everywhere around this country. The only difference is that we need them screaming about their loss of freedom. We don’t need them screaming about their willingness to accept communism and abolish everything that hurts their feelings.

Stand up. Start screaming. Oh, wait it’s kind of hard to scream very loud with a mask on and singing has been outlawed.


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