Hello future: 01/Jan/2021

Oh welly welly well, what do we have here comrades? A bit of the ole ultra-violence in store perhaps? Is the future set in stone? Has it all been planned since the beginning of time? Here is my satirical view of 2021 from the point of view of the controllers.

Welcome fellow elites and esteemed dignitaries and variously titled supreme leaders. Today we sit by the fire of the new dawning of the age of Aquarius. We have ushered in our new plan for global domination and it’s going swimmingly. The sad little cattle of our nation-states are doing exactly as they are being instructed with very little opposition from anyone who has any actual power. Our absolute control of the media and all institutions has made our roll out of the “Great Reset” extremely easy. Virtually everyone is following the ludicrously stupid mandates and ushering in our new world order for us without us having to do hardly any of the dirty work. The masses are so conditioned to conform that they are policing and shaming themselves into submission. Our decades long push to neuter the male and confuse the female, has led to our current winning strategy succeeding almost flawlessly. Yes there are some who refuse to wear the mask, and squawk about loss of freedoms, but the masses can’t hear them with their brains being so reduced by our mind control campaign that they simply ignore these agitators and put their heads in their phones awaiting our next directive with glee.

So sit back fellow fat cats and oligarchs. We’ve won. Our plan is going perfectly and soon we won’t have to deal with these lowly mouth breathers for much longer. They will be begging for their own enslavement soon enough and all others who refuse will be culled easily. The patient work of our ancestors has come together in a grand crescendo of pain that will end just as they projected centuries ago. So I propose a toast. Raise your chalices to the words of the ancestors. HERE IN THIS HOUSEHOLD WE BELIEVE THAT ALL CATTLE ARE EQUALLY VIABLE FOR OUR OWN ENDS-WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO RULE OVER THE LOWLY CATTLE BY BIRTHRIGHT-WE WILL NEVER RELINQUISH OUR POWER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES-WE SHALL STRIVE TO TWIST THE WORLD TO OUR OWN DESIRES-WE ARE THE FEW-WE ARE THE CHOSEN-WE ARE THE MASTERS.

Okay fellow comrades of this prison planet. What did you think of that far-fetched cartoonish satirical speech? Sounds pretty silly indeed, but does it? Can you imagine what goes on behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t rolling and they’re in their lairs hatching plans? This satirical speech is most likely quite tame compared to their true statements. However, fear not. WE will win in the end. WE were born to win and THEY know it.

So remember: Go outside into the fresh air, stare directly up into the sky, suck down a giant gulp of free fresh oxygen, and know that you are free. 1,2,3, you are free. It’s that easy.


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