Enter the Dimension: 31/Dec/2020

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. I write to you from a different fema region today, and wow is it shitty. Have you gone downtown recently and felt absolute fear? Have you seen the unchecked lawlessness and anarchy of skid row? The news reports that a deadly virus that is 99% survivable should be scaring the shit out of you. They don’t report that while they’ve closed down all the businesses for fear of a highly survivable virus, they’ve allowed skid row to flourish unchecked and it’s wide open. Do you need to get high, or sleep in a tent in the middle of downtown LA? Come on down. Apparently, that is perfectly acceptable behavior, but eating at a clean restaurant is too dangerous.

Allowing small businesses to open is much too scary, but allowing drug addicts to control a large portion of the downtown area with no policing whatsoever is fine. I walked down Hollywood Blvd the other day to find it in a state of absolute disarray. Homeless drug addicts toppling all the garbage cans into the middle of the street, whole blocks abandoned but left to be ruined by transients. It doesn’t seem logical, but I guess it’s not supposed to be logical. Sorry all you tax paying citizens, you need to stay home and listen to the government, but the homeless drug addicts can do anything they want with no repercussions.

Just another slap in the face. Whatever. Eventually all these so called leaders will pay for what they’ve done to the world. All I can do is lead by example and smile at the humans in masks in the bright sunshine as they glower at my audacity to display my freedom.


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