GET UNPLUGGED- 21, December 2020

Hello fellow comrades or our prison planet. Today is Monday, and the future keeps rolling on. How’s it going today? Are you prepared for the future? Do you have all your supplies? Does the generator have gas? Do you have your 5 point contingency plan prepared? Have you started doing dry runs? Just some things to think about in this crazy mixed up world. Who knows when the power is going to go out and we’ll be left to our own devices. Will it be today, tomorrow, or never? Maybe society will just go back to normal and everything will be hunky dory. Well, Joe Biden will most likely be president, probably, so nothing to fear right? Just stick your head back in the sand, and wait for the government to solve all our problems.

This isn’t my attitude. Pray for peace, prepare for war. Anything can happen at any minute, so best to be prepared instead of scared. I recommend the same to you. If everyone was prepared for their family and community, we wouldn’t need to rely on the government. So, let’s rely on our family and community and not hold our breath for the authorities to come change our diapers.

We can do most things for ourselves. How many people know a trade, farm, raise cattle, etc.? Instead of relying on doing everything within the system, we should start creating our own community ways of doing things that don’t interact with the system. That way, when the government tells us we can’t open our businesses or only allows certain businesses to be open, and only under strict guidelines, we can get everything we need outside of the corrupt government system that is no longer acting in the best interests of the people. WE don’t need them, but THEY need us. All the money they suck out of our taxes isn’t benefiting us, but it’s helping to prop up THEIR corrupt system that imposes bullshit mandates on us.

Let’s be free. 1-2-3, let’s be free. It’s that easy. Once you free your mind from the propaganda and realize THEY have no control over you that you don’t allow them to have. You’re free. If you’ve ever watched “The Matrix” you’d know that it’s hard to explain the matrix to people who are still plugged in. So, unplug yourself from the bullshit matrix of our current paradigm. Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, tune out of Twitter and social media, and go outside. Look straight up into the sky and suck in a deep breath of fresh air. Once you do that, you’ll realize you’re free and you will succeed. I believe in you. You are a fucking champ.

THEY can’t win. WE will win. It’s only a matter of time, so no need to stress out about it.


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