It’s Time: 19, December 2020

Hello fellow comrades of this prison planet. How are you doing today? Have you had enough yet? Are you hunkered down in your dog crate awaiting orders from your masters? “Excuse me master, may I please go to my favorite restaurant, because I’ve been good, says Shitizen.” I’ve “social distanced” and “washed my hands” and “helped slow the spread” and “stayed safe” and “masked up”, is this enough master? “Master says, “Oh, no sorry little Shitizen, but you’ve been naughty. You’ve shared too many anti-vax memes on facebag, you’ve watched unsanctioned videos on Youtube that runs counter to the official narrative, you’ve used your deductive reasoning skills a little too much. “So just stay in the crate you naughty little Shitizen and think about what you’ve done. Maybe after Christmas you can come out, says master.”

Isn’t it sad fellow comrade? The above sarcasm seems a little childish and overdone, but sadly it’s not far off from the reality of what’s happened in America and the world. Are we all naughty little puppies who need a master to tell us how to live? Do we need a master to let us out of our crate only when he deems it necessary for us to piss and eat our two scoops of dog food?

I say we don’t need a government master telling us when it’s time to go potty. A free society capable of many technological wonders doesn’t need a dog crate or puppy pads. We’re perfectly capable of going outside without a leash and running free. How about you? Are you ready to run free?

Here’s my suggestion. Step 1- Insert Iron maiden into your boombox. Step 2- Skip to the song “Running Free”. Step 3- Run free. It’s really that easy. The government, city council, judges, cops, etc., can’t fine and arrest us all. WE outnumber them. Their “orders” are bullshit and unconstitutional and if we all ignored them there’s nothing they can do. None of these bullshit mandates can stand up in court.

You are a grown up. You don’t need a government master. Don’t worry about the consequences or the fear of standing up to authority. The government isn’t the highest authority, and they’ve been elected by us. They are our servants. So it’s time they remembered that.


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