Freedom or Not? 17, December 2020

Hello fellow comrades of our prison planet. I write to you from FEMA region five here in southwest Wisconsin. How does it feel to be in an open air prison allowed to travel to and from work by your governor? Are you enjoying your privileges of being allowed to only go to the stores they let you? I’m not enjoying it very much, but it is nice to write this to you from the comfort of my home instead of writing to you on contraband paper in a dingy gulag and attaching it to a carrier pigeon for distribution. Seems like that will be the future for America if people like me and you don’t stand up and start ignoring these ridiculous edicts from the government.

Can you recall a time when Americans were restricted to their homes for fear of catching a highly survivable virus similar to the flu? I’m surprised that Americans have taken this much oppression without doing a damn thing. But, I guess it’s all part of the plan. The GREAT RESET that these psychopathic leaders want to impose on us. Does the average Joe even know about the GREAT RESET? Has the average Joe heard of Event 201, or UN Agenda 2030, or any of the World Economic Forum’s plans for the future? The future does indeed look like a boot stamping on a human face forever as Orwell stated so long ago.

What can we do Americans? Oh wait, I know, we can pull our heads out of our asses and stop listening to these so called leaders. Wearing a dirty cloth mask on my face is not my idea of freedom. Being force vaccinated with who knows what isn’t cool with me. Obliterating the economy in the name of safety isn’t working. Do these leaders really think we’re that stupid? Do they really think they’ve won? They’ve dumbed us down, propagandized us, sickened us with GMO’s, perpetrated false flags, destroyed the dollar, destroyed the family, marginalized Christianity, perpetuated conspiracy theories, assassinated presidents, infiltrated the media, infiltrated the educational system, but still I’m strong. Still WE are strong. One thing they seem to forget or ignore. We have the numbers. WE outnumber them, and they will lose.

So let’s really get together. WE are all in this together. Fuck the media lies, the celebrity propaganda, the political theater. THEY want us all divided and fighting uphill against false enemies and each other. But, we need to fight the real enemy and take back our freedom. The government doesn’t allow us to have rights, we are born with our natural rights and we need to exercise them now.

Take off your mask, open your restaurant, ignore their orders, meet with your family, go to church, resume all your natural ways of being humans. Before it’s too late.


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